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Dear Investor,

  • Do you want to invest in mining in Brazil?

  • Are you acquiring mineral properties in Brazil?

  • Do you want to negotiate with Brazilians or the Brazilian Govenment?

  • Do you want to claim mineral targets in Brazil?

  • Is your company investing in mineral exploration in Brazil?

  • Do you need to buy or to found a Brazilian Mining Company?

  • Do you want to buy Brazilian ore, minerals or mines?

Jacobi Consultants can help you!

We have the experience, not only in Brazil but also from overseas. For years we have been in charge of some of the largest multi million dolar mineral exploration projects in Brazil for major companies like Rio Tinto, Shell, Billiton and Vale.

We also have a significant junior mining company expertise after founding and listing some important, and successful, junior companies in Brazil, Australia, USA and Canada.

The combination of different and relevant expertise in the mining and mineral exploration in Brazil and overseas is an unique feature that will help you achieve success in Brazil and maximize your time and money.

As Brazilians we understand our country and will be able to add value to your company, quest or project.

Use our help and benefit from decades of focused experience in mining and mineral exploration. If needed we can help you built your Brazilian Company´s team from scratch.

Our business is to make you profit in the Brazilian Mining Business.

Ask for a quote and you won´t regret.

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Pedro Jacobi


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